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Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\CSS\ARD\Common\Common-10\drainReports.dat' is denied.

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How to resolve the autocad/civil3d/ARD Execution Error- Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\CSS\ARD\Common\Common-10\drainReports.dat" is denied


Occasionally when starting out with Civil Site Design, we may be presented with a text file stating autocad/civil3d/ARD Execution Error and within the file is the message stating that a particular file located in C:\ProgramData\CSS\ARD\Common\Common-10 has been denied access.


This issue is usually related to the user rights on the installation folder of the global settings in CSD.


Please change the user rights by adding an entry for AUTHENTICATED USERS and provide full access to the main CSD folder. By adding an entry for Authenticated users it ensures that those that have accounts on this pc are able to access the installation folder. Should you be the only user, you could substitute your account name with Authenticated users in the following process



  1. Open file explorer and right click on CSS located in C:\ProgramData and click on Properties


  1. Set the Security tab current


  1. Click on Edit


  1. Click on Add


  1. Click on Advanced


  1. Click on Find Now


  1. Under Search Results, select Authenticated Users


  1. Click OK


  1. Click OK


  1. With Authenticated users selected, ensure all items under Allow are checked


  1. Click on OK to process the folder

The user rights for the global folder will now allow the access required for Civil Site Design



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